Cherry & almond slice LG 
Cherry sponge made with gluten free flour and topped with sliced almonds.

Lemon crumble slice 

Biscuit base with a tangy lemon curd, topped with sponge and finished with crumble.

Fully loaded LG

Brownie base made with Belgian chocolate, ground almonds and gluten free flour. Loaded up with toffee, brownie chunks & pecan nuts.

Vegan apple crumble slice NEW

Vegan crumble base topped with apple and vegan sponge, finished with more crumble.

Chocolate chunk brownie

A traditional chocolate brownie made with Belgian chocolate and topped with chocolate chunks.

Chocolate brownie LG

Made with Belgian chocolate, the wheat flour has been replaced with ground almonds and gluten free flour.

Vegan sticky peanut butter bars

Peanuts, oats, coconut and sultanas bound with peanut butter and date.

Nutty caramel slice NEW

Butter flapjack topped with caramel and mixed nuts with raisins.

Salted caramel brownie LG NEW 

LG Belgian chocolate brownie, the wheat flour has been replaced with ground almonds and gluten free flour. finished with salted caramel, cocoa and golden crunch pieces.              

Cherry flapjack

Sweet sticky oat flapjack loaded with glace cherries.

Sticky date flapjack

Rich moist dates sandwiched between sweet oaty flapjack.

Vegan chocolate flapjack NEW

Moist vegan oat flapjack topped with dark chocolate.

Something nutty LG

Shortbread made with gluten free flour topped with raspberry jam and a layer of baked buttery sliced almonds.

Vegan coconut bar LG

Soft coconut filling sandwiched with dark Belgian chocolate.

Millionaire LG

Shortbread made with gluten free flour, topped with caramel and Belgian chocolate.

Blackcurrant & apple slice

Blackcurrants and apples encased in a butter flapjack and baked until golden.

Carrot cake tray

Moist sponge made with carrot and spices, topped with a cream cheese frosting.

Sticky ginger with lemon icing NEW

Dark moist ginger sponge topped with a lemon buttercream.

Rocky road

Marshmallows, biscuit pieces and raisins bound with chocolate and topped with Marshmallow.

Blueberry & lemon drizzle tray

Blueberry sponge soaked with a tangy lemon syrup.

Sticky butter flapjack

Oats bound and baked with butter and golden syrup.

Date & toffee slice

Date sponge piped with a toffee buttercream.

Chocolate cornflake tray

Cornflakes bound with butter, golden syrup and Belgian chocolate.

Fruit & Nut Flapjack with Yoghurt 

Sticky fruit and nut flapjack finished with a white chocolate and yoghurt topping.

Coconut and Lime Bar LG

Coconut sponge made with gluten free flour, topped with a lime buttercream and drizzle with a lime icing, finished with shaved coconut.

Cappuccino Slice LG

Coffee sponge made with gluten free flour, topped with a white chocolate buttercream.