Boozy chocolate & raspberry trifle (12 per box)

A traditional trifle of sponge, raspberries soaked in sherry, rum & brandy with added chocolate sauce, topped with custard & cream. 

Yoghurt pannacotta with blueberry compote NEW (Individual only)

A traditional creamy pannacotta with the freshness of natural yoghurt and accompanied by a sweet blueberry compote.

Strawberry Pannacotta LG (12 per box) 

Set Italian cream mixed with strawberry puree and topped with strawberry glaze.

Whisky raspberry chocolate cup NEW (Individual only)

White and dark tulip cup filled with a whisky and raspberry jelly topped with chocolate custard and cream, finished with granola.

Sherry trifle (12 per box)

Vanilla sponge with raspberry and sherry jelly, topped with custard & cream.

Lemon posset LG

Dark chocolate cup filled with a traditional tangy lemon posset.

Pannacotta with rhubarb compote LG (8 per box)

The creaminess of this classic Italian dessert is set off perfectly by the accompanying tangy rhubarb compote.

Vanilla brulee in ramekin LG (9 per box)

A rich and creamy vanilla brulee also known as Cambridge burnt cream is cooked in a ramekin and delivered ready for you to caramelise (other flavours available on request). 

Chocolate and orange brulee in ramekin LG

A rich and creamy vanilla brulee flavoured with chocolate and orange, cooked in a ramekin and delivered ready for you to caramelise.

Summer pudding (12 per box)

Layers of bread soaked and sandwiched with mixed berries.

Banoffee pie (12 per box)

Sweet pastry filled with fresh banana & toffee, piped with cream & sprinkled with pistachio nuts.