Mississippi mud

This is our take on the classic flavours, consisting of a chocolate sponge topped with a duo of Belgian chocolate and coffee creams & finished with cream, chocolate curls & amaretti biscuit crumbs.

Liquorice and blackcurrant torte NEW

Vanilla mousse on a vanilla sponge base with a liquorice and blackcurrant glaze.

Luxury chocolate caramel teardrop LG

Handmade Belgian chocolate teardrop filled with dark chocolate mousse with a salted caramel centre.

Chocolate and Irish cream NEW

Belgian chocolate mousse on a chocolate sponge base topped with an Irish cream liqueur jelly and decorated with a white and dark chocolate pencil.

Vegan chocolate pot NEW (Individual only)

Rich Belgian dark chocolate mousse made with soya milk served in a ramekin.

Vegan chocolate delice (Whole only cuts into 6 portions)

Belgian chocolate and date mousse set on an almond and chocolate base, finished with freeze dried raspberry.

Chocolate charlotte (whole only)

Belgian chocolate mousse on a biscuit base surrounded by vanilla boudoir biscuits.

Chocolate honeyscotch (individual only)

Milk chocolate mousse set on a chocolate crunch base served with a honeyscotch sauce.

Fruit & nuts 

Belgian chocolate mousse topped with assorted nuts and rum soaked raisins.

Peanut chaos

Swirled chocolate & peanut butter mousse, set on a sponge base finished with grated Snickers bars.

Kahlua Kick

Three layers of chocolate sponge drenched in Kahlua sandwiching a dark chocolate mousse.
Warning. Very strong in Kahlua!!

Chocolate chaos

A chaotic mix of white and dark Belgian chocolate mousses, chocolate brownie, on a sponge base finished with more brownie and chocolate chips.

Chocolate & marshmallow torte

Rich Belgian chocolate mousse on a sponge base lavished with marshmallows.

Triple chocolate torte

Indulgent layers of white, dark & milk Belgian chocolate mousses.

Caramel pecan & chocolate mousse

Layers of Belgian chocolate mousse and pecan caramel on a chocolate sponge base.

Black forest Bavarian

Layers of chocolate sponge soaked in kirsch syrup with Belgian chocolate mousse & cherries.

Amaretti tramontana

Dark Belgian chocolate mousse with rum soaked raisins with a top and bottom of buttered crushed amaretti biscuits.

Chocolate torte

Classic dark Belgian chocolate mousse set on a sponge base dusted with cocoa.

Chocolate & orange torte LG (individual only)

Orange cheesecake topped with a Belgian chocolate mousse on a gluten free brownie base.

Chocolate & brandy torte

Belgian Chocolate mousse on a sponge base finished with a brandy mousse

Chocolate & rum torte

Sponge base soaked with rum syrup with Belgian chocolate mousse and garnished with a chocolate rum cream.

Cherry souffle cup LG

Chocolate cup filled with a cherry compote and chocolate mousse, finished with a cherry glaze.

Chocolate & strawberry (Individual only)

Duo of dark chocolate and strawberry mousses on a chocolate sponge base topped with a white chocolate & strawberry truffle.

Chocolate jaffa cup LG (individual only)

Dark chocolate cup with a jaffa orange jelly finished with piped Belgian chocolate mousse and shavings.

Chocolate & raspberry terrine 

Rectangular chocolate cup filled with raspberries and raspberry mousse, topped with a brownie cube & Belgian chocolate mousse.

White & dark chocolate marquise

A duo of rich white and dark Belgian chocolate mousses on a sponge base with chocolate chips.

Chocolate sweet treat

A biscuit base with Belgian chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate confectionary and chocolate shavings.

Praline, chocolate and amaretto

Sponge base soaked in amaretto syrup topped with Belgian chocolate mousse centred with praline and finished with hazelnuts.

Peanut swirl (individual only)

Belgian chocolate mousse on sponge base with peanut butter cheesecake swirl, finished with peanuts & chocolate sauce.

Nougat, caramel and peanut lumpy bumpy

Chocolate sponge base with Belgian chocolate mousse topped with a ball of cheesecake, drizzled with ganache and melted Snickers, then sprinkled with peanuts.

Chocolate delice (whole only, 10-12 portions)

Crunchy praline base with Belgian chocolate mousse, then dressed with nuts.

Chocolate & lemon torte

Belgian Chocolate mousse sandwiched with two layers of lemon soaked sponge finished with cocoa and a chocolate triangle.

Mint crunch

Chocolate mousse on a crunchy base piped with a ball of mint choc chip cheesecake and garnished with mint sticks.

Chocolate & Cointreau torte

Chocolate sponge soaked in Cointreau syrup topped with a Belgian chocolate and orange mousse.

White chocolate & raspberry torte

White Belgian chocolate mousse with a centre of raspberry finished with a raspberry glaze.

Chocolate & banana

Layered Belgian chocolate and toffee banana mousse on sponge base with banana chips.

Popping chocolate & raspberry torte

Chocolate sponge base with Belgian chocolate mousse and raspberry cream, finished with popping candy


Belgian chocolate and vanilla mousse layers with a strawberry and set strawberry puree.

Nuts about chocolate

Sugared chopped hazelnuts and ganache in the middle of Belgian chocolate mousse topped with ganache and more hazelnuts.

Pecan, toffee & chocolate charlotte (whole only)

Pecan, toffee bavarois set on a vanilla sponge base surrounded with boudoir biscuits and swirled with chocolate.

Smores Tart NEW (Individual only)

Chocolate and peanut butter mousse in a sweet pastry case topped with torched marshmallow.

Mango & passion fruit jewelled mousse 

Light mango mousse on a vanilla sponge base jewelled with passion fruit jelly pieces and topped with a mango puree.
Miso & ginger (Individual only)

Ginger mousse swirled with miso caramel on chocolate sponge, decorated with a chocolate lattice.

Espresso coffee & amaretto cup (Individual only)

Dark chocolate cup filled with an espresso and amaretto mousse finished with an amaretti biscuit.
Chocolate and raspberry mousse tart NEW (Individual only)
Sweet pastry case filled with glazed raspberries and a rich chocolate mousse, finished with dark chocolate curls.

Mint choc chip torte

A peppermint cream spiked with chocolate on a chocolate sponge base finished with chocolate shavings.

Jammy Dodger (Individual only)

Taken from the traditional biscuit. Digestive biscuit base topped with a vanilla mousse, finished with a ring of crushed biscuit centred with jam.
Peach & blueberry Mousse
Layers of peach & blueberry mousses on a vanilla sponge base, topped with cream & peach.
Rhubarb bavarois
Rhubarb mousse topped with a set custard on a vanilla base, accompanied by a rhubarb compote.

Elderflower & raspberry mousse

Vanilla and elderflower mousse swirled with raspberry puree, dusted with icing sugar.

Gooseberry fool

Vanilla sponge base topped with a gooseberry cream

Mojito Mousse NEW 

Three layers of vanilla sponge soaked in a rum, lime and mint syrup sandwiching a lime mousse. 

Strawberry & coconut bavarois

A vanilla mousse with coconut on a sponge base glazed with strawberry puree and finished with shaved coconut

Raspberry charlotte (whole only)

Raspberry mousse surrounded by boudoir biscuits and topped with raspberry glaze

Lemon & lime bavarois

A lemon bavarois set on a sponge base topped with zingy lemon and lime.

Banana cream pie (whole only)

Sweet pastry case filled with banana cream mousse, piped with fresh cream and chocolate shaving

Raspberry & vanilla torte

Vanilla cream on a sponge base topped with raspberries and raspberry puree.

Rosewater & pistachio torte

Rosewater and pistachio torte on a vanilla sponge base decorated with chopped pistachio.

Blackberry & apple bavarois (individual only)

Apple mousse on a vanilla base centred with blackberry compote, finished with a slice of fresh glazed apple.

Lemon lush

Lemon mousse with lemon curd garnished with whipped cream and lemon zest.

Mandarin & chocolate charlotte (whole only)

Chocolate and orange bavarois surrounded by boudoir biscuits, finished with glazed mandarins.

Irish cream cappuccino (individual only)

Coffee and Irish cream mousse topped with soft whipped cream and cocoa.

Tiramisu torte

Layers of coffee & amaretto soaked sponge between mascarpone cream.

Banana, rum & coconut mousse

Banana and coconut mousse flavoured with rum on a sponge base topped with craquant and banana chips.

Raspberry delice

A simple classic raspberry mousse set on a vanilla sponge base topped with a raspberry mirror glaze.

Crème caramel bavarois

Caramel bavarois on a sponge base with a caramel glaze.

Salted caramel torte

Caramel bavarois with a salted caramel centre & topped with soft piped cream.

Polish strawberry troskafka

A mousse made with lashings of strawberry puree topped with cream & white chocolate shavings

Apple crumble crunch (individual only)

Digestive biscuit base with chopped apple surrounded by a lightly flavoured lemon mousse finished with a crunchy crumble top.

Peach melba (individual only)

Vanilla mousse with raspberries & raspberry swirl & topped with glazed peach half.

Not shy of coconut

A coconut lover's delight! A rich creamed coconut mousse topped with a dark chocolate ganache.